Because time and space is always at a premium and there is gaming to be done, let us head straight into a brief overview of no less than five choices for you to make in regard to your next or first pair of headphones.

The number five was deliberately chosen for this article. It is magical. It serves as a great metaphor for effectively narrowing down wireless gaming headsets xbox one  choices. No matter what type of product is under review or being searched for, it is better to have a limited range of choices. This eliminates confusion and does not overwhelm the novice Xbox gamer.  

The five headsets being highlighted here are the ASTRO Gaming A50, the Ear Force Elite 800X, the Ear Force 420X, the Steel Series Siberia 800 and the PDP Afterglow 9 Plus.

Does it only cost nine bucks? More than likely not, but the PDP Afterglow is the cheapest headset in this current article. But its quality and features may belie its actual price. Audio quality is at least good. In line with its cheapness is its unattractive look and feel as well as potentially inferior materials or components. It is also quite flimsy. And there is no 7.1 surround sound. But the headset has a decent battery life and is light in weight.

The ASTRO is one of the most popularly used headsets in the gaming business. Design-wise, it is robust and has smart metal finishes. The headset’s extra weight also gives gravitas to its overall aesthetic appeal. Comfort-wise, these phones are well padded. A micro USB jack is in place for charging. Audio is accessible to the left ear cup only. 5 –there’s that number again – GHz Wireless technology is installed and, this, after all, is what many experienced gamers are after these days.

The Ear Force Elite is nicely understated in terms of design. Sound-wise, there are no problems, but what is nice about this headset is that it’s optimized for multi-media use. And guess what, 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound is most certainly included. Along with that you get Active Noise Cancellation. For extra comfort, this pair of phones is well padded with leather ear cups. The left cup includes a hidden retractable microphone.

The Siberia has been described as the most comfortable headphone to wear. Another elevated feature here is its aesthetics. It has a matte finish and plastic coating on the ear cups is glossy. Its versatile feature is that it is compatible with the Xbox rival, the one and only PS4.

The Ear Force Stealth is powered through a micro USB cable. The battery has the ability to last up to fifteen hours after just one charge and while games are in play. Unlike the superior Ear Force Elite, there is no 7.1 surround sound.

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Well, we think we have done a sterling job for you here. Now it is up to you to make the next decision.