There is so much information that is always floating around about the things that we eat. However, what you have to do is make sure that you are putting the information into the right brackets. Is this the type of information that you should believe? Or is it the type of information where you can clearly see that they are getting things a little bit wrong? We feel as though you have to see what is going on from each side if you are going to come to any understanding about what is really going on with respect to the things that you are eating each day.


One of the things that we are always hearing about is the food additive. Now before we get into any specifics, what we need to make clear is that food additives are not bad inherently. Yes, when you hear the word additive, you are immediately thinking of something that is not good. You are instantly thinking of something that is chemically or is bad for you. But the reality is that an additive is something as simple as salt or sugar. It is not necessarily something that is bad – we put additives in our food all the time.

What we need to do is figure out what additives are problematic, and what additives are fine. Yes, we should always look for food that has as many natural ingredients as possible. But if you are buying something that is packaged because you do not want it to go bad, or you are saving money, then you will have to deal with some additives. That is why it is better to know what additives are fine in the short and long-term, and what additives may cause you health problems if you are consuming too many of them.

One of the things that we hear about a lot is carrageenan. It is the type of additive that is often added to desserts when you buy them at the grocery store. However, there was a lot of controversy surrounding this additive because people started spreading information regarding the fact that it was not the best for you. However, the reason why this misinformation came to be was because a lot of people started to confuse the additive for something else. There is so much misinformation about these additives and you must do your own research if you want to get things into perspective.

With respect to this additive, what we do know is that the FDA deems it safe. They have done extensive research on carrageenan over the years, and they have never seen any evidence that would suggest that it is a problematic ingredient in any type of food. If you are the type who hates all additives, it is understandable. But we think that this additive is one of those things that you do not need to worry about too much. It is not going to cause you very many problems, and it is not a health risk at all!